Spray Tan Tanning

Galaxy Tans offers our clients the top rated Automated Sunless Spray Tanning Machine in the Industry.

AB Classic3 copyOur Autobronzer spray tan system takes moments to apply and the results give our spray tan clients the healthy glow they can enjoy for up to a week with regular skincare.

The Autobronzer application is a fine mist of sunless solution that dries in moments and the results are much more natural and contoured than when using other spray tan systems that are water supplemented and require the customer to towel off after the session. It's an open air application inside a private room so it's much more comfortable to get the automated spray.

The virtually dry application from our Autobronzer feels and looks better going on and over the week or so as you enjoy the results.

We also offer Custom Airbrush Tanning for that special occasion or for the client that really wants unbelievable results.

auto bronzer imageSpray Tan packages can be purchased in single, multi-pack or save over 50% using our unlimited membership option.

We also often run SPECIALS and COUPONS on our Spray Tanning so please check our website often.

A great result each time. We Guarantee it!